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I've got everything from mushy hallmarks to ones that'll send shivers up you're spine....


I’ll turn 21 in Memphis Tennessee.

I’ll have spent several months living in a city,

Living with and assisting my grandmother,

While she recovers from a stroke, and muscular dystrophy.

Memphis is the largest place I had ever lived.


To me, a girl who has lived most of her life in either North Carolina or Virginia,

I expected less of a culture shock.

Both my mom and my dad gave me lectures and speeches on how to be more cautious and careful.

I listened, but assumed they were over exaggerating.


My parents told me to expect danger,

To be careful for myself.

Here, that means I can’t help other people.

It means I can’t say someone’s baby is cute.

“They’ll assume you’re a pedophile.”

Or offer an older person a hand with their bags.

“It might be dangerous.”

It means that if I see someone crying, I’m too walk past them.

“It might by a ploy.”


So far, I’ve broken every one of those rules.


I called a girl that was tiny, and obviously going through chemo

“Adorable!” and “So very brave.”

And told her and her mother I hope things went well.


I lent my phone to a young woman about my age,

So she could call her ride,

Who was an hour late to pick her up from the store.

She started crying and

Telling me she hadn’t known what to do.

I got a tissue out of my purse,

And waited with her to make sure her ride got there.


I took an older woman’s cart back to the store with mine,

On a day cold and raining.

She was already trying to walk it back, and looking in pain.

And I intercepted her.

It was the middle of the day, and people just walked by her.

I took and it and nodded.

She smiled at me, and told me she hadn’t been feeling well.


Where I come from, these things happen all the time.

If your car breaks down,

Half a dozen people pull over to make sure you’re okay.

It’s nothing new.

If you’re short some change,

A stranger gives you the difference and doesn’t expect anything back.

It’s not odd to us at all.

If a child is lost and scared,

they’ll walk up to someone else who has children and ask for help.

We don’t see it as dangerous.


It shouldn’t be such a surprise

If someone says ‘nice shoes!’

Or if an elderly man gets help with a large load.


What’s changed between a small town in any state

And a large city a couple of hours away?


Of people,

Of miles,

Of crimes,

Of dangers.



It’s a mob mentality not many think of.

A group of people gives each member

A certain amount of anonymity.

Here, in these cities,

It means that person that needs help could be faking it.

It means that car on the side of road may hold someone dangerous.

It means people are more guarded.


It means those people are winning.

It means that we lose our good.

We surrender our chance to help someone.

We surrender an aspect of humanity.

It means we fall in the mob that surrounds us,

That grey apathetic mass.


I’ve never thought grey to be a very pleasant color.

Others disagree.

That’s fine; others are entitled to their own opinion.

However, they are not entitled to glare at me when I

Stop and talk to that mother and her sweet girl who’s fighting for her life.

However, they are not entitled to glare at me when I

Pause my cart full of bagged groceries to check up on that young woman.

However, they are not entitled to glare at me when I

When I take five seconds to help that woman so she isn’t in so much pain.


This is my life.

If you disagree with something I’m doing,

Either tell me or move along.

If you’re going to become angry at me

because I’m trying to be a better human being.

That’s not my problem-

That’s yours.


This world that surrounds us

Is becoming darker each passing moment,

Each passing day.

If I can make it just a bit




For even one person,

I’ll have done something worthwhile that day.


It is said that

The only thing needed for evil to triumph

Is for good men to do nothing.

I don’t intend to do nothing-

It you do,

I’ll respect that.

This is a country of

Variety and Differences.

I co-exist with people that are nothing like me.

All I’m asking is that you respect my choice.

Let me help people,

Let me see them smile,

And let me give them hope.

Don’t forcibly remove my instinct to help.

I won’t let you.


But did you see the flares in the sky? Were you blinded by the light?

Did you feel the smoke in your eyes, did you, did you?

Did you see the sparks, feel the hope?

That you are not alone

Cause someone's out there, sending out flares

Cause someone’s out there, sending out flares.





This is emotional word vomit I've become attached to. I don't really know what prompted this.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a bored 20 1/2 year old woman short on patience and high on randomness, headstrong-ness (IS that even a word?) and I've got an unhealthy obsession with fan-fiction. And cartoons, but that's another story...
I'm currently having my butt kicked by college, homework sucks.
Yes, as my penname says, I am Mormon. If you've got a problem, well, deal with it. If you've got questions, just ask.
***Some notes about me:
~Nearly everything I write comment-wise is meant to be taken lightheartedly, but unfortunately, written words don't have tones. (So if I'm consoling on the illness of you /your dog, then I'm serious. If you're not sure- please ask!)
~I'm impatient. Nothing can help me wait. Period. It kinda comes with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).
~ I'm bi-polar, so if I sound moody, I try, but some days are better than others, sorry.

Current Residence: America
Favourite genre of music: I listen to it all!
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Wallpaper of choice: a nice plain lime green... :D
Skin of choice: mine, the one that's on me.
Favourite cartoon character: can't choose just one!
Personal Quote: Normal is a cycle on the washing machine.

And they continued on

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 9, 2015, 11:48 AM
  • Mood: Depressed
These last several months have been complete and udder anarchy. I would give anything for a sense of calm and peace right now.

My health and I didn't even last a month in Richmond, my asthma took a sharp decline, and I was sent home.

I came home the weekend before Thankgiving. My parents were understanding, and we had another family over for the holiday, which was amazing. Highlight of last several months for sure.

I spent a month at home, playing housekeeper and playing to go back to school that next semester.

My grandmother has a stroke. She's already dealing with muscular dystrophy (…) due to a bad reaction to a vaccine. I came out to Memphis TN from Va to drive her around and help her until she's doing better.
I'm not driving anymore, since she claims I am "an incompetent driver".

Driving has never been may favorite thing to do, and driving around here is terrible. (People, turn signals were invented for a reason!) And of course she's quick to point out how I haven't been driving very long. A van driver rear ended us, (it was a minor accident, no damage done to either car.) and he came up to make sure we were okay, and to give us his info if it turned out we weren't. He's all apologetic, and she goes right out and tell him he shouldn't be sorry, that it was my fault. He kept insisting it wasn't my fault, and she told him that of course it wasn't his fault, seeing as I'm "a horrible driver." He backs off, and we continue on to the house she cooks and does minor chores for.
Yep, she can't take care of her house, but she's taking care of someone else's! She ranting and scream at me, and so I try to leave, which of course, just angers her more.
So I end up in that neighborhood in the middle of street, crying to myself. I walk a little while, and end up in a YMCA with a nice woman who listened to me and prayed with me. Thank God for random kind-hearted people! She drove me back to the house, where my grandmother has been on the phone with her employer complaining about me. How that is any of their business, I'll never know.

I've been trying to a be patient. It's not a strong suit of mine. I'm constantly at my wits end, and trying not to do something impulsive. People keep telling me she's angry with herself and taking it out on me. She seems perfectly content with herself! 

I don't know why I'm writing this, other than I need to get this all out and be able to look at it. if anyone reads this, got tips on how to restrain one's self? Any advice on patience? I'll take whatever I can get.
Since it's 2015, I've been thinking of what I want to do with this year. Being unhappy isn't on that list.

"I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition."- Martha Washington
 I'm working on it. There's no 'happily ever after' just 'and they continued on'. and that I shall!

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